Thursday, August 30, 2012

What fantasies are associated with the modern pursuit of happiness?

A draft of the final chapter of ‘Free to Flourish’, the book I am writing, has just been uploaded to the book’s web site.

My aim in this chapter has been to draw together the threads from earlier chapters by identifying fantasies related to the issues discussed.

My list of fantasies:
  • Happiness is just about experiences.
  • Paternalistic governments can help us flourish.
  • Restrictions on freedom help people to flourish.
  • Governments should be seeking to maximize collective happiness.
  • No society is better than any other.
  • Progress is history.
  • Democratic governments can’t fail.

It is tempting to try to summarize why I think the listed points are fantaasies, but anyone who is interested can easily follow this link and take a look at the draft of ‘Chapter 9: The Choice – Fantasy or Opportunity’.

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